22. Who Fulfils Our Needs ? | EVS | Class 3

A. Answer in brief.

1.) If we do not farm the land in our country, what will happen ?

Ans. We depend on farm produce for food and for raw materials in industries. If we do not farm the land in our country we shall not have food to eat and industries for growth.

2.) What are the occupations of the people in your locality ?

Ans. In my locality most of the people are engaged in non-farming activities. People around go to work  in small factories, in shops and some work in schools and colleges.

3.) Give three examples of industry.

Ans. Three examples of industries are: a) Cement industry b) Oil industry c) Chemical industry.

B. Write the missing links.

1.) Cotton ——————> Cloth ——————> Textile

2.) Fruit ——————> Fruit processing ——————> Jam/ Jelly

3.) Iron ——————> Automobile industry ——————> Car



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