30. A Book Speaks | English | Class 3

1. List the things that make a book unhappy.

    • Example: Dropping the book on the floor.
    • Tearing out the pages of the book.
    • Putting marking on the book.
    • Putting stains on the book.
    • Folding or bending the book.

2. What do we have to do to make friends with a book ?

Ans. To make friends with the book we should protect the book from all weathers. Also we should keep it clean, neat and tidy so that it is happy.

3. Read the following and decide what book will like or dislike.

  • Folding corners of pages : Dislike
  • Using a book mark : Like
  • Wetting your fingers with spittle when you turn pages : Dislike
  • Putting an open book face downwards. Dislike





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