13. Shivaji Gives The Slip To The Emperor| Environmental Studies II | Class 4

1. Fill in the blanks :

(a) Shivaji Maharaj attended the Emperor’s Darbar. It was Emperor Aurangzeb’s fiftieth birthday. (fiftieth, fortieth, sixtieth)

(b) Shivaji Maharaj left young Sambhaji Raje behind in a safe place at Mathura . (Jhansi, Mathura, Delhi)

2. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) To whom did Shivaji hand over the administration of Swaraj before leaving for Agra ?

Ans. Shivaji handed over the administration of Swaraj to his mother Jijabai before leaving for Agra.

(b) Who were the only persons left with Shivaji in Agra ?

Ans. The only perons left with Shivaji in Agra were, his son Sambhaji Raje and the two servants Hiroji Farjand and Madari Mehetar.

(c) What did Shivaji do for his quick recovery ?

Ans. Shivaji started sending out huge baskets of sweets to Sadhus and Maulavis for his
quick recovery.

3. Give the answers in two or three sentences.

(a) Why did Shivaji leave the court of Aurangzeb angrily ?

Ans. i) In the court of Aurangzeb the Sardars were to stand in rows according to their status.
ii) As Shivaji was a sovereign King of the state of Maharashtra his status demanded that he be placed in the front row.
iii) However Shivaji was deliberately placed behind Jaswantsing Rathod, whom the Marathas had defeated many times.
Due to this incident Shivaji left the court of Aurangzeb angrily.

 (b) What strategy did Shivaji use to escape from Agra ?

Ans. i) Shivaji in the Emperor’s prison pretended to be ill and therefore started sending huge baskets of sweets to Sadhus and Maulavis.
ii) In the begining the guards outside would examine the baskets but later they got tired of daily routine and stopped checking.
iii) Taking advantage of this Shivaji asked Hiroji to sleep in his bed and Madari to massage his feet.
iv) Then Shivaji and Sambhaji Raje hid themselves in two of the many baskets and they got out unchecked and thus escaped from Agra.



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