35 Pinocchio

1. Answer the following questions :

(a) Why did the carpenter give the piece of wood to Gepetto ?

Ans. Geppetto wanted to make a wooden puppet that could run, jump
and make its way around in the world. So the carpenter readily gave the
piece of wood to Geppetto.

(b) What did the puppet Pinocchio want ?

Ans. Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy, a real son to his father and not
just a wooden puppet.

(c) Why could Pinocchio not become a real boy ?

Ans. Pinocchio could not become a real boy because he was only a little
wooden puppet and did silly things which a real boy would not have done.

(d) Why did Pinocchio’s nose become long ?

Ans. The moment Pinocchio told a lie, his nose grew longer. With every
lie it grew longer and longer.

(e) How did Pinocchio become a real boy at the end ?

Ans. Pinocchio proved to be a good boy. He began to work hard to help Geppetto.
When he heard that A the fairy was ill, he sent her all the money that he had saved for H
himself. Thus by doing good acts he became a real boy.

2. Give one example each of the following :

(a) Pinocchio’s naughtiness.

Ans. As soon as Gepetto taught Pinocchio to walk, he ran out of hut so
fast that Geppetto could not catch him. A policeman caught him and
bought him back to Geppetto.

(b) Pinocchio’s silly ideas about school.

Ans. Pinocchio thought that he would go to school, learn reading in a day,
writing the next day and then arithmetic on the day after that.

(c) Geppetto’s love for Pinocchio.

Ans. Geppetto felt very happy that Pinocchio wanted to go to school.
Geppetto sold his only coat for Pinocchio’s schoolbook, though it was
very cold.

(d) The puppet master’s kindness.

Ans. The puppet master was not really a wicked master. He did not
throw Pinocchio and other puppet into fire and let them go. Also he gave
five gold coins to Pinocchio for his old father Geppetto, when he heard his

3. Use the following words in your own sentences or short paragraphs:

• readily
The girl readily accepted her mistake and said sorry to he mother.

• lovingly
The teacher lovingly accepted the greetings from her students.

• annoyed
The teacher was annoyed by the behavior of the senior students.

The poor farmer pleaded to the king for mercy.

• gallantly
The boy acted gallantly against the senior students.

• immediately
Rohit immediately came forward and kicked the ball.

• at last
The man at last told the truth and was guilty.

The boy and his friends were truly innocent.

7. Complete the following sentences in as many ways as possible:

    • Once upon a time, ………………… there lived a King and his Queen.
      Once upon a time, ………………… there lived a poor man with his son.
      Once upon a time, ………………… there lived a beautiful swan on the mountains.
    • Early one morning, ………………… the man went into the forest.
      Early one morning, ………………… the eagle set for hunting.
      Early one morning, ………………… the birds started singing.
    • Last night, ………………… I could not sleep due to the party.
      Last night, ………………… I read an interesting story.
      Last night, ………………… I forgot to put off the lights.


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