18. Management Of The Welfare State Of Swaraj| Environmental Studies II | Class 4

1. Give reasons.

a.) An independent Hindavi Swaraj was created.

Ans. An independent Hindavi Swaraj was created because;
i) Hindavi Swaraj was a dream of Shivaji Maharaj.
ii) Anyone who lived in Hindustan, no matter to what religion or community they belonged, was a ‘Hindavi’. Their raj was ‘Hindavi Swaraj’

b.) The people in Swaraj did not feel the severity of drought.

Ans. Shivaji Maharaj gave various facilities to drought-affected peasants.
i) He used to waive taxes.
ii) Shivaji Maharaj freely distributed the grain stored in the State granaries to the people.
iii) He also undertook repairs of various forts and construction of dams, bunds and canals during drought years.
In this way, people could earn their daily living and did not feel the severity of drought.

c.) Shivaji Maharaj honoured Malamma Desai.

Ans. i) Mallamma Desai, was a brave woman from Beawadi in Karnataka.
ii) She fought a great battle in defence of the fortress.
iii) When Shivaji Maharaj came to know about her courage, he called her his younger sister.
iv) He also returned her fortress and villages to her with honour and gave her the title ‘Savitri’.

2. Fill in the blanks to complete the table.




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